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I just realized that my plan to work on these sections alphabetically means I need to add stuff here first. D'oh!

Basically I'm a college student working on an anthropology major and I have to say that it's a lot of fun. I was in business (which is where they put their computer info systems courses) but it was so boring I had to quit. I just wasn't into making computer programs designed around financial and accounting services. No offense to anyone who actually likes to do these, it just wasn't for me.

But now I am content with waiting another year before graduating (if only I hadn't procrastinated on my Spanish courses. Que lastima!) Well, it woulda been longer if I had gotten into the "professional" business program. I didn't have the grades for it then, now I have a 3.7 so HAH! Anthro is great!

Besides anthropology stuff, I'm really interested in the other sciences, especially anything dealing with animals. I'm totally addicted to Animal Planet and the Discovery Science channel with some other shows thrown in. Last year I was hooked on the Food Network but I haven't improved in my cooking technique at all. Now I know what a creme brule is, but not how to spell it. We are turning into a post-literate society.

I am also really fond of computer games. Not FPS, 'tho. My list includes
  • Black and White (current FAVORITE)
  • Betrayal at Krondor (all-time fav, an oldie)
  • Tropico (current game, a great one)
  • Shogun: Total War (current game, it's good)
  • Star Control 2 (favorite space game, an oldie)
I'll talk more about them in my favorites section.

You probably already figured it out (since it has it's own heading in the links at the side there, look, it's right there under "home" I know you can see it don'tplaygameswithme) I like anime. No really, I do. Not all anime but there are some really good anime shows and movies. And what do I like best about them? You can still make really cool anime music videos out of the stupidest anime programs out there. I've seen it happen.

I like computers but I'm really less of a programmer and more of a consumer. I definately have my preferences, but I can't make anything that could suit my needs so I have to rely on the skills of others. I've dabbled in programming, and just couldn't get too into it. I like scripting much better. I don't really like to get bogged down by techie things. I'm an artist at heart (which is the poet way to say I'm a lazy-ass).

I'll put info up about the comp stuff I like in my favorites section.

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