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Zoo Tycoon, a game created by Blue Fang and published by microsoft, is a unique simulation game letting you do what you've always wanted: run your very own Zoo! Zoo Tycoon gives you many animals to make happy (and feed), guests to impress (and feed), and staff to make sure of it (they feed themselves).

If you are familiar with tycoon or sim games in general, the game play is very straightforward. You build an enclosure ("exhibit") for your animal, and then you adopt one and drop it in. Simple as that! But wait, don't forget you need to hire zookeepers to feed them and love them and clean them and heal them and call them George. You have to hire maintenance men to clean up after dirty, dirty guests and fix the exhibit fences. Not only that, but those guests somehow expect you to give them food places, bathrooms, and lots and lots of fun things to do.

You must expand your Zoo. Fill your Zoo with exotic animals. Enrich and educate the masses with theatres and animal houses. Keep your animals happy and healthy by doing advanced research into medicine, toys, fertility, and more. Rake in money and save the planet by recycling animal droppings into cash. Milk the guests with gift shops and over-priced dining. Oversee endangered animal breeding programs, make fantastic realistic exhibits for your critters, and reap money and rewards for being such a great Zoo manager.

The game comes with about 10 scenarios to play through, and you can always choose to play "free form" games where you set your own goals or play any way you want. More animals are available through downloads, and users will be able to create their own animals and scenery. There are a few performance issues with the game; check out the bugs section for info and patch news.


Here are some REALLY usefull websites! Note: the "official" sites for the game have very little game play info, so aren't listed here.

Zoo Tycoon Resource
It has Stuff. Download parks, animals and objects.
ZTR Forum
This is the place to go for answers to all your burning Zoo Tycoon questions.

Forum Planet ZT Forum
Less traffic than ZTR's forum, but still a good place to harvest tips and get help on problems.

Zoo Admin
Another good, well-designed Zoo Tycoon Site.

Fatacat's Downloads
A great resource for all the intimate details of Zoo Tycoon! Files are in .xls or .pdf format.
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