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Most Wanted!


Some animals are more difficult to please than others. Or sometimes getting a high suitability is elusive even for the most easy going animal. Here are species specific tips and screenshots on some of the most asked about animals and their enclosures so you can satisfy those picky beasts!. Each exhibit shown is guaranteed to be at least 90% suitable for the animals, and everyone is happy!
Snow Leopard [Grr!]

[Grr!] These guys take a lot of terrain management to get happy. Want to see a screenshot of a good Snow Leopard exhibit?

They are fussy when it comes to elevation, but they like a small variety of plants and rocks and they especially like the snow cave, so after enough research, you, too, can make your snow leopards happy!

Flamingo [Aauuk!]

Flamingos are easy once you add rocks and "overload" their water with the simple water reed, and their land with a tree or savannah grass.

Cheetah [Grr!]

They like a LOT of space in order to breed.

Markhor [Baaa!]

[Baaa!] This creature plagued me throughout the scenario that tells you to focus on mountain animals. I finally found out how to keep them happy. Want to see a screenshot of a good Markhor exhibit?

This shows a slightly overcrowded exhibit but everyone is still happy. Look at how well the original pair has bred! I hope this shot shows you how the general size of exhibit, how elevation should be adjusted, the type of shelter and vegetation to put in, etc.

Hyena [Heheheh!]

These little guys like more space than others of their size.


Just don't forget their cat toy!

Giant Panda [Oooog!]

The mixture of terrain types for this critter is a pain.

[Heheheh!] do the zoo! [Grr!]