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This is where I'll be giving my reviews on all sorts of things: games, books, movies, and so forth.

On the list of stuff to review are:
  • Tad Williams' Otherworld series, now complete! (Just give me some time to read them all...
  • George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, which will maybe be completed in the next 5 or ten years. I'm rabidly awaiting the fourth book, due in September 2002.
  • Tropico, a great "city building" sim game. You actually are a dictator of an island in the Caribbean.
  • Black & White, the most fantastic game I've played in quite a while. You are a god among gods, with your own Creature to help you rule your domain in whatever good or evil way you see fit.
  • Creatures, a series of games in which you breed, play with and train your own colony of little creatures.
  • The Amazing Virtual Seamonkyes, a game similar to the Creatures series and, incidently, made by the same company, Creature Labs.
I'm not going to review anime and Zoo Tycoon here, since I've got anime reviews posted at Studio Gaijin's website and I have an entire ZT website, Zoonami.

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